The Soaper

Brenda is a Soaper who lives on Vancouver Island, BC. She picked up soap making on a whim as a creative outlet and hasn't been able to stop since. She enjoys using high quality, luxury vegan ingredients to perfect each recipe (and a pinch of eco-glitter doesn't hurt, either!).

One of her favourite parts about soap making is being able to play with different colours and techniques. No two batches look the exact same, which is part of the unique charm of each Soap Luv creation.

Outside of her soap making addiction, Brenda enjoys spending time with her family, long walks on the beach and thinking about making more soap.


Soap Luv is dedicated to giving back to the community and donating to local organizations that provide services to marginalized individuals.

 Soaper (definition)

“A person who makes by hand, their own soaps and bath products. Making soap is a fun and addictive hobby which allows you to end up with a finished product that is not only great on the skin, pleasing to look at, but also, it is a product that people will want to buy off you. Soapers are passionate and hopelessly addicted to planning and making soap. All that a soaper ever talks about is soap. A soaper is obsessed with anything that can be used as a mold, new oils and the benefit they can bring to soap, and they love to brag about how great their soap makes your skin feel.”

*Retrieved from , 2021